The Policy & Member and Volunteer Services (MAVS) team is responsible for providing relevant and on-going support to recruit and retain members and volunteers for the Society. We seek to preserve the spirit of youth, which is characterised by enthusiasm, adaptability and creative imagination.

MAVS provides the support resources to empower members, volunteers and youth to assist people in need and advocate on their behalf. MAVS will also promote and support best practice in member and volunteer engagement and advise on issues that impact on volunteering and membership.

This is in the context of the Society’s Mission and Vision and traditions of the Society’s founders in partnership with the Society’s Spiritual Advisor.

Policy & Member and Volunteer Services (MAVS) Department at the State Support Office is here to support you and your Central Council in the most critical areas of your work, including the support and renewal of our members and volunteers.

The new improved team structure means the department is well positioned to work in partnership with our leaders on capacity building initiatives that create long-lasting change within the Society. All parts of the team now support members and volunteers of all ages.

The Department’s new structure consists of a multi-faceted approach, which includes a range of support functions:

Engagement & Support Team
– Support for our leaders (Central Council Presidents, Executive Officers, Regional Presidents, Member and Volunteer Support Staff, Committee Representatives)
– Connecting you to the right people and information (including in other Central Councils)
– Member and Volunteer Queries
– Recruitment & Renewal – new ways of engaging members and volunteers (including working with schools)
– Proactively planning for potentially sensitive situations

Policy & New Initiatives Team – Explaining and implementing policies and procedures (including the Rule)
– Tools and frameworks to support safe and effective programs (templates, forms, risk management, position descriptions etc)
– Valuing Youth
– Child Protection
– Starting new local programs or initiatives
– Committees and Advisory Groups (to State Council and to Executive Officers Group)

Training & Development Team – Training and development sessions for members and volunteers
– Information about available training and development programs
– Development Events (Festival Days, Spirituality and Formation Days)
– Resources and materials to support local training initiatives and training facilitators
– Conference Visitation Toolkit
– Unlocking Leadership Potential

Social Programs – Emergency Relief funding
– EAPA, Telstra and Sydney Water vouchers
– No Interest Loan Scheme
– All aspects of Conference reporting including promoting the use of data reports for decision making
– Special Works reporting
– Generic Client Consent form and provide Privacy information in absence of Privacy Officer

Complaints Handling – External Complaints
– Privacy Officer
– Whistle-blower Officer

Administration – Enquiries about resources, promotional materials and merchandise
– General enquiries, or not sure who to contact

The Policy & Member and Volunteer Services (MAVS) department works closely with the Social Justice Team and the State Council Spiritual Advisor.
They can provide you and your Central Council with support with:
Social Justice – All Social Justice Enquiries and Support Requests
– Social Justice Advisory Committee
Spirituality – Retreats and Reflection Days
– Spirituality Resources

Contact us here for advice, support and resources.

Policy & Member and Volunteer Services Fiyer