Energy Section of the Conference Visitation Toolkit (Revised December 2017)

Links to the individual files are provided as well as a single Combined file for each Energy section.

Energy Part 1 Guidelines and Forms to assist with Energy

1. EAPA SUMMARY SHEET December 2017 new format

2. 9-01-Assessing-Energy-Hardship-Final

3. EAPA_Delivery_Guidelines_September_2017

4. EAPA Assessment Form

5. Digital EAPA Instructions

6. Final Digital EAPA Process Model v2

Combined Energy Guidelines and Forms to Assist with Energy (all of the above files in one document)

Energy Part 2 Fact sheets for clients

7. Retailer Hardship contact list as of 31.08.17

8. Getting-Help-Paying-Bills SEPT 2017

9. Disconnect-Reconnect-Final

10. Disputes-Complaints-Final

11. Energy-Affordability-Package-Fact-Sheet

12. Reducing-Energy-Costs-Final

13. Multilingual Brochure_Having problems with Energy or water providers

14. Gas Rebate 2017 info plus applictn form.docx

Combined Energy Fact Sheets for Clients (all of the above files in one document)

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