High School Conferences are Vinnies Conferences in High Schools. Their members meet together regularly at lunch times or after school. There are at least 64 High School Conferences across NSW.

What we do
Get together to help those in need within their school and local community. High School Conferences provide a space for students to learn about social justice issues and the St Vincent de Paul Society and to live their faith through action.

The following opportunities are provided to the members to enable them to learn more about Social Justice and Vinnies.

Social Justice Festivals
Formation weekends and
High School Conference Gathering Days

High School Conferences also participate in service activities these include:

Service Activities
Music Performances at Nursing Homes
Build a relationship with a local school for hearing or vision impaired children. Visit regularly and assist with their education
Run a picnic day for the children from the above school or the Nursing Home residents or both!
Do gardening for local Senior Citizens
Organise Free Breakfasts at the local primary school for children who go without Breakfast
Host a morning tea for residents of the Nursing Home at your school

Many High School Conferences also fundraise for Vinnies to support their own Service activities, Winter or Christmas Appeals, or OPCD projects.

High SchoolYoung Adult Starter Kit