‘Young Adults’ refers to our members and volunteers who are finished High School and under the age of 35.

They may be:

Members of a Young Adult Parish Conference
Volunteers with a Youth program such as Kids Camps or Buddies Days
Members of a Young Adult University Conference
Members of a Young Adult Conference that draws from a number of parishes or regions

We currently have 15 Young Adult Conferences in NSW, with approximately 200 Young Adult Members. We also have approximately 200 Young Adult Volunteers, who don’t attend Conference meetings but participate in our Youth programs and activities.

There are also many ‘Young Adults’ who volunteer through various other works and programs in the Society and are not in direct contact with the Youth and Young Adults department.

What we do

Generally it is our Young Adult members and volunteers who take the lead on our Youth programs and works.

Kids Camp
Provide the opportunity for disadvantage kids aged 6 – 12 to have a break for a week or weekend. Volunteers provide an exciting program of activities in a residential setting. These activities can include sports, games, art and craft, life skills, outdoor education and team work. Our volunteers are given extensive training and supported by experienced leaders. Camps usually take place during school / university holidays, with January being a particularly busy month of summer fun!

Buddies Days
Also provide a fun day of activities for disadvantaged kids. They are run locally, usually on the weekend or during school holidays. While shorter in length than Kids Camps, Buddies Days offer kids more regular support which is closer to home. Our volunteers are provided with training and always finish the day tired but smiling.

Green Team
A group of Vinnies Young Adult volunteers have just started a Green Team group, who each weekend provide gardening assistance for those who require help in this area. This inevitably also provides social support and friendship for those we assist and the team has found that they have gained much more out of these projects than they initially expected.

High SchoolYoung Adult Starter Kit