What is Valuing Youth?

Valuing Youth is about creating a future where the Society will fully benefit from the contributions of young people and enable young people to fully contribute to our Mission and Vision. The Valuing Youth Project is closely aligned to the Society’s Strategic Plan, Goal 3: Develop Our Membership.

Here is a summary of Valuing Youth and how it started
Valuing Youth Frequently Asked Questions

The main strategy of Valuing Youth is Circle groups who work collaboratively and innovatively to meet our Big Opportunity Statement: To make a real difference in breaking the cycle of disadvantage by giving people a hand up. The Circles are comprised of members, volunteers and employees from across NSW working together on initiatives they are passionate about. This page shares their successes.

The Circles and their purposes are:
• Flexible conference models
Investigating existing conference models and proposing new models that enable the full contribution from all ages and the best outcomes for those we assist
• Welcoming and pathways
Developing, implementing and evaluating welcoming initiatives that recognise the value and potential contribution of each individual we engage (members, volunteers and staff)
• Collaboration and communication
Developing and piloting internal collaboration initiatives that blend new technologies and traditional forms of communication to connect, share knowledge and support each other in our good works
• Schools engagement
Review existing schools engagement programs and propose enhancement and streamlining

The circle groups meet between face to face sessions, utilising technology and teleconference calls to ensure each participant is clear on their actions and supported in the work they are doing. The Valuing Youth Advisory Group supports the circles and champions the innovative initiatives across NSW.

Keep up to date with all of the news and updates from the Valuing Youth project here.

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