Vinnies NSW Stands with People Seeking Protection and Refugees

The St Vincent de Paul Society aspires for an Australia transformed by compassion and built on justice. We welcome all those who come to us, wherever and however they come to us, with compassion and respect for their dignity.

We have a long and proud history of giving a hand-up and speaking up for refugees and people seeking protection. The Society calls upon the Federal Government to show compassion and uphold the human rights of those who seek protection.

Today more than ever, it is vital that we stand with our vulnerable brothers and sisters who need protection.

Three things you can do:

1. Donate to our Protection Appeal so that we can provide vital financial support and accommodation to people seeking protection who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Donate here

2. Show that you stand with people seeking protection by displaying our stickers and posters and speaking to people in your local community. Download our A3 posters here or contact to order your stickers and posters.

3. Write to your Federal Member of Parliament (MP) to ask the Federal Government to show compassion and uphold the human rights of those who seek protection.

Some quick tips:
• Stay calm, respectful and on message
• Personalise your call or letter – tell your MP why you care.
• Contact for a template letter and to let us know you have written to your MP.

Find out more:
Our briefing on cruel cuts to support payments for people seeking asylum in the community
Sign Refugee Council of Australia’s petition to the PM
Our Refugee Policy Statement

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