A beautiful ‘thank you’ sent to a Vinnies Member

A beautiful thank you note sent to a Broken Bay Member  –  a beautiful reminder of how Vinnies Members touch peoples’ lives.

“Dear Shirley,
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for everything that you have all done for myself and my children.

They say it takes a village… well every one of you are my village. I could not have survived the difficulties that I faced this past year without your comforting words, your practical help, your kindness and your compassion. To ALL the amazing support staff who volunteer their time to help families, the elderly, the isolated, the lonely and everyone in between… You are all truly Gods gift to all of us that are suffering in one way or another. I never felt judged, I only ever felt support and kindness. When I reached out for help, you all made me feel that I didn’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed and for that I thank you and will be forever grateful. It’s very difficult to ask for help but it was always so effortless from you to lend an ear and have a chat. You have made me stronger by just being there.

I thank God that St Vincent De Paul was there for me at my lowest and carried me on their shoulders until I could stand for myself proudly. I’m not quite out of the woods just yet but I am definitely heading down the bright path into our new future and I feel that I have hope in my life again. It’s been too long and I nearly forgot how hope felt until you and your team reminded that hope is a good thing.

Shirley, you have a heart as big as the sun and you have shone that brightness onto me.
It’s hard to put into words how incredibly thankful I am. My children have got a brighter future because of you. I think and wonder what I would have happened if St Vincents weren’t there to get school shoes or trainers. My daughter can go into her classroom and not be embarrassed that she hasn’t got her stationary and books for school. The kids had recess and lunch in the boxes that I could get them because of the vouchers you generously gave to us. They could have fresh fruit and veggies because of you. We had an amazing break away from it all with your kind offer of the great little cottage down the south coast. There is so much that you have done for us, these are just snippets of what you do for my family and other families.

May God bless you Shirley and THANK YOU 🙏🏻”

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