A New Resource for Regional Council Presidents

All Regional Council Presidents in NSW will have the opportunity in the next several weeks to participate in the first of three Leaders’ Resource Kit Conversation sessions being held in each Central Council.

The extensive Leadership consultations that began the ‘Unlocking Leadership Potential’ program were completed last year.

Feedback received identified the key priority areas for the Leaders’ Resource Kit and Conversations. Janice Jones and Kate Scholl of the Policy and Member and Volunteer Services Training and Development Team, are coordinating the program and are working with a Consultation Workgroup consisting of Regional and Central Council Presidents (pictured above).

This project was endorsed by the NSW State Council in February 2016. A key part of the program is three face to face conversation sessions with the Regional Council Presidents, the Central Council President, and other potential leaders in each Central Council throughout 2016.

The conversation sessions provide the opportunity for Regional Council Presidents to draw on their experience and engage in a practical and meaningful dialogue with one another and the Central Council President about relevant issues for leaders. Janice and Kate facilitate the sessions using the topics and contents of the Kit to focus the discussion. The program intends for members to grow in confidence as a leader, particularly as a person who supports other leaders.

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