Welcome to the 2017 Annual Review and Plan for Conferences

We encourage Conferences to utilise this simple tool which provides the opportunity to:

1. Reflect upon and review the past year
2. Discuss how to build on our strengths and acknowledge areas of improvement
3. Identify and target opportunities and actions for the year ahead

It comes with ready to use templates, examples and a spiritual reflection.

It has been designed for members to reflect on their Conference experiences in relation to the 6 Priority areas of the State Strategic Plan. The Annual Review and Plan for Conferences provides a process for Conferences to reflect on their experiences in the past year and consider areas of potential development and improvement.
Conferences have reported that holding the review outside normal meeting time and combining it with a social event (e.g. sharing or going out to lunch/dinner) has been successful.

Some feedback received about the Annual Review and Plan Resource.

Here are all the documents you need:
Annual Review and Plan For Conferences 2017 which provides the complete plan for the facilitator with Appendices.
Preparatory Document to provide to Review Participants.(Appendix 1 and 4 for participants)
Alternative Spiritual Reflection

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Kate Scholl, Development and Events Officer
Policy & Member and Volunteer Services Team
(02) 9568 0209

An Annual Review and Plan for Regional Councils has also been developed this year is available here.

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