Mini Vinnies is a Vinnies group in a primary school. Mini Vinnies groups members are usually in Grades 4 – 6 but can be from any Primary School Year. There are at least 83 Mini Vinnies groups in Primary Schools around NSW.

The Mini Vinnies group get together to help those in need within their school and local community. Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues, to the St Vincent de Paul Society and to living faith through action. The Mini Vinnies groups use the simple SEE, THINK, DO model. SEE involves seeing an injustice (this could be bullying at lunch time, or a homeless person at the bus stop). THINK involves thinking about the injustice – why does it occur, how would it feel to be that person and what does our faith tell us about the injustice? DO involving doing something to change the situation (this could be standing up for someone who is being bullied, knitting a blanket for a homeless person, or talking to other people about issue.

Mini Vinnies also take part in Mini Vinnies Gathering days with other Mini Vinnies groups. Through the DO part of the model they participate in the following activities:

Service Activities:

Music Performances at Nursing Homes
Card Making for people in Vinnies Homeless Services
Hosting a morning tea for residents of the Nursing Home

Many Mini Vinnies groups also fundraise for Vinnies to support their own Service activities, Winter or Christmas Appeals, or OPCD projects.

Mini Vinnies Starter Kit

NSW Mini Vinnies Spirituaity Guides Year A B and C

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