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Leadership Program Research Results

Recent research conducted by a Macquarie University intern has provided us with valuable feedback and insight into how the Unlocking Leadership Potential (ULP) program is assisting members in their leadership roles. Participants of the ULP program were invited to participate in an online survey which asked how the program assisted them as leaders and what resources would assist them to further develop as leaders.

Kate Scholl, leadership programs coordinator, initiated this study since it has been 3 years since ULP was implemented with most participants attending in 2016, the first year of the program.

The primary objective of this research was to establish whether ULP made a difference to the participants in their confidence and capacity to be a leader in the St Vincent de Paul Society in terms of an initial influence as well as a longer lasting impact.

Monique Messenger, the intern who conducted the research in collaboration with Kate Scholl and Janice Jones, noted that “The majority of feedback was positive. In particular, respondents were very positive about the delivery of the ULP saying it was professional and well delivered. The majority of respondents expressed that they enjoyed the face-to-face interaction and ability to converse with other members.”

Monique’s report concludes with suggestions for the future, “Regarding future development the survey revealed respondents most likely to participate in either face-to-face conversations/seminars or the opportunity to meet with other leaders virtually.”

Commenting on Monique’s findings Kate states: “Our Membership Training and Development team is greatly encouraged by the research results. Firstly we were pleased with the high rate of response from our member participants. Secondly, the results demonstrate that people found the Unlocking Leadership Potential program enriching as well as effective for them as leaders. We look forward to exploring ways to continue to make this high quality program available to our members in the future and create new resources for their ongoing development.”


This document provides Summary of Research project.

The survey questions can be found here.

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