A new assistance management system makes supporting clients safe and easy

2022 will see the roll-out of a statewide conference assistance management system, making providing assistance easier and more secure for members and for the people we support.

Keeping accurate records of the people we assist is crucial to delivering a great service. People need to feel they can trust that their information will be secure and accessible, even when they move to a different part of the state.

After a lengthy consultation process in which 150 members and volunteers were invited to participate in the development phase, we were able to pilot the system with 14 Conferences at the end of 2021. Pilot Conferences have given the system designers ‘no-holds-barred’ feedback on how to improve it for members on the frontline of assisting people around NSW.

The result is a state-wide Conference Assistance Management System (CAMS) that will be used to improve how we capture details about the people we assist and the support we have given them in an environment that keeps their details safe and secure.

Of course, you probably have questions about CAMS. What is it? Why is it replacing the system I currently use? How were members involved in the design? Do I need to learn how to use it?

The CAMS team will be providing regular updates on the MAVS website and will be communicating in advance with each Central Council and Conference as we roll the system out across NSW. The first cabs off the rank will be the Broken Bay, Sydney, and Greater Western Sydney Central Councils, as well as Metropolitan Region Vinnies Support Centre staff.

Want to learn more? You can click here watch a series of three short videos that explain why we are developing a NSW-wide system and how it was designed.

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