Bathurst Central Council Member Forums

In April this year, Bathurst Central Council invited all its members to attend a Membership Forum. The response was very positive with more than half of the members attending one of the two events held in Bathurst and Dubbo and facilitated by Ian Colley. During both gatherings, members had the opportunity to share their aspirations for the Society and discuss strategies to grow and renew our Conferences.

Members actively engaged in the sessions and brainstormed ideas about a variety of topics including recruitment, training, ongoing support of members and volunteers, spiritual renewal and the Vincentian spirit, community engagement and promotional opportunities.

The conversation was rich and varied. Here are a few comments and ideas that give a flavour of the discussion:

“I would like to see a room so full of Conference members that I struggle to find a seat.”

“Spreading the word on the “Good Works” of the Society through radio, TV, Facebook, newspapers, Centres information board and brochures outlining the Society works”

“Branding – focus on the spirituality that underpins “Vinnies”, “Youth – change format/style for meetings, ask them – that will create ownership.”

“Be positive, accept change, praise and thanks to clients, shop volunteers and members”

“We can call everyone members not members and volunteers – we are one.”

Central Council President, Maurie Ryan, said, “It was a wonderful opportunity to hear so many ideas coming forward about what we can do to support our local communities even better. I do believe that those who attended found it worthwhile and that good things will come from this collegial participation. I trust that the discussions that follow in our Conferences will look to the future with hope and provide us with ideas to enable us gain new members.”

If you would like more information about the forum please contact
Maurie Ryan, Central Council President at or 0429 826 400,
Ellen Sharp, Bathurst Central Council Executive Officer at or (02) 6362 2565.

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