Calendar of Significant Days of Inclusion

Dear Central Council Presidents

At the meeting of the Board on 1 June, the Calendar of Significant Days of Inclusion which has been developed as part of the Society’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and reconciliation was discussed and endorsed. A copy of the calendar is attached.

Celebrating days that are important to the diverse groups we assist, through communications, events and our retail store displays, allows the Society to publicly show support and inclusion for the people we serve in the community.  The Calendar reinforces Vinnies’ reputation as a caring, inclusive, and welcoming organisation whose core principle of ‘good works’ embraces diverse cultures and groups and assisting marginalised people in the community.

This calendar will help with advance planning and ensure that people have access to relevant information to help prepare for the days.

The Calendar of Significant Days of Inclusion is one component of the comprehensive Society-wide Communications and Marketing Calendar which contains more than 100 dates and includes holy days, advocacy activities and Society specific events.

Please share the Calendar of Significant Days of Inclusion widely with people in your conference so everyone is aware of why we are marking these important days.

Yours sincerely

Paul Burton

President NSW State Council

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