Celebrating International Youth Day 2017

On Tuesday 4 July 2017, Vincentians around the globe will take a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate the role of youth in our Society. As you all know not only was the Society founded by a group of university students, but we are a Society youthful in spirit.

The 4th of July is the liturgical day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the Patron of the Youth and Children of the SSVP. He was a young Vincentian who actively experienced the Vincentian Charisma in Turin.

The Society internationally encourages all Vincentians to organise activities to mark this occasion. Some suggestions are below, which can be held on the 4th of July or the week that includes this date (end of week, before or after).

· A party to promote the integration of youth and other Vincentians.
· Dissemination of the SSVP and the presence of the Youth in the SSVP.
· A day dedicated to praying with the Youth; the rosary or a special prayer may be used for the Youth of the SSVP.
· A meeting to discuss the reality of the young people, spirituality and the role/importance of young people for the SSVP.
· Games among young people (sports, leisure, tours).
· Dissemination of the SSVP on social media, highlighting the presence of young people.
· SSVP recruitment of young people (at churches, parishes, and communities).
· A mass to celebrate the presence of Youth in the SSVP.

William Alves, our International Vice President for the Youth, Children and Teenagers asks us to share how we celebrated the 4th of July locally. If you could please let me know if your Central Council is planning anything or does anything to mark the occasion, I would be happy to compile our NSW efforts and pass it on.

Visit the website (http://en.ssvpglobal.org/News/CGI-news/SSVP-International-Youth-Day) for more information, and please refer any questions through to Engagement Advisor, Dom Bondar on dom.bondar@vinnies.org.au or (02) 9568 0255.

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