Community Radio assists in Recruiting Volunteers

Wollongong Central Council President, Gay Mason took to the airwaves to highlight the need for new volunteers in the Picton Vinnies Shop. She was invited by Marie Rutledge, a well-known local radio personality to Macarthur Community Radio studios to appear on her morning show.

Peter Bonwick, Engagement and Support Officer from the Policy and MAVS department, worked with Gail to design a script with pre-planned questions and answers. This strategy was part of a recruitment campaign which included advertising on and distributing flyers locally.

Gay began by sharing how the money raised from the Vinnies shops raises millions of dollars which goes back to the community to provide support for all the people we assist. She highlighted how relevant this was to the Picton community who had just experienced severe and damaging floods.

“At this critical time in our community, Vinnies was able to provide both financial and material emergency relief assistance,” Gay told listeners.

“Volunteers are an essential part of our Vinnies family and their contribution is beyond measure – without volunteers our shops would be unable to function.”

Gay also explained the various roles open to new volunteers and that we welcome people of all ages to come and help us in the shop for a morning, afternoon or even a day or two each week.

“Volunteering is one of the best ways to make new friends build relationships and acquire new skills. You will meet some wonderful people and you will feel a great sense of achievement when you have made a real difference to someone’s life. With busy lives it can be hard to find time to volunteer but the benefits of volunteering can be enormous to you, your family and your community.”

The broadcast and other recruitment strategies were a great success with a 17 enquiries and 6 new volunteers joining the local Picton shop with more likely to start soon.

If you would like support with recruitment contact our Engagement & Support Advisor, Peter Bonwick

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