Conference Financial Wellbeing Service

As Vincentians we aspire to go beyond immediate assistance to identify the root causes of poverty and contribute to their elimination.

In response to this desire, the Society will in early 2017 pilot a new Conference Financial Wellbeing (CFW) Service, which will:
➢ strengthen the support we offer people
➢ demonstrate the outcomes for the people we assist
➢ maximise funding contributions from government and donors.
➢ offer local flexibility in how service is provided.

The Society is excited to be working in partnership with Conferences in our Central Councils to pilot, learn and evaluate this refreshed approach to supporting people.

In early 2017, the CFW service will be piloted by a small number of conferences in four Central Councils: Wollongong, Bathurst, Lismore and Parramatta.

The pilot Conferences will put the CFW Service into practice by adopting a Framework which:
• builds on the existing strengths and practices of conferences
• clarifies tasks
• ensures the person seeking assistance is provided with two service pathways – immediate assistance and, where necessary, the provision of intensive support to help address the underlying causes of their problems.

A key feature of the framework is that it promotes a consistent level of service for people we assist.

In 2017 we look forward to the pilots getting underway and to receiving feedback from the Conferences on what is working well, what needs to be adjusted and if the framework is helping to provide better outcomes for the people we assist.

To find out more about this exciting initiative please contact your Central Council Office or the Engagement and Support Manager at State Support Office – Lukas Rajnoch, or 02 9568 0279.

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