Conference Member, John Kearney, who this year at the age of 94, celebrates 75 years of service.

John has been a very active member of the Society, holding positions of Conference President and Treasurer over the years. The Trundle Conference had started to dwindle approximately 5 years ago to just a few members, with John being responsible for all client assistance and the associated paperwork. At that time he was instrumental in the recruitment and training of new members, to ensure the continuation of the Conference in the small town of Trundle. With a population of just a few hundred people, there are now 10 Conference members in Trundle.  John continues on as a Conference member, attending regular local meetings and representing Trundle at Regional meetings. John was awarded a Life Membership with the St Vincent de Paul Society in 2015. He was also recognised in 2016 with a celebration with members, staff and his family on his 70 years of Service.

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