About CAMS

CAMS stands for Conference Assistance Management System. CAMS is the new state-wide system that will improve the way our Society assists the people who come to us for support, specifically how we capture their information in a safe and secure way.

More than 150 members and volunteers from 8 Conferences and 5 Vinnies Support Centres participated in the pilot or testing phase at the end of 2021. The result is a system that is responsive and flexible, supporting the way Conferences operate rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

CAMS Virtual Information Session

CAMS Virtual Information Session.

  • Purpose & Benefits of CAMS for the People we Assist, Members and the Society
  • Design and development of CAMS
  • Overview of the CAMS system
  • Roll out plan for Metro NSW
  • Communications
  • You can also click here to access our CAMS Briefing Presentation.

CAMS system Updates

This short video is a demonstration of the new Interaction Stages that has replaced the old two stages in the Interaction Section of CAMS. Included is a view of the new Assistance button.

Below you will find a series of videos that will take you through the background of the project, the approach taken and the benefits

Video 1: Introduction video explaining the challenge
Video 2: Video talking through some of the insights we learnt from our research
Video 3: An update on the project, expected benefits and the support that will be provided

In this latest video

  1. The project team provides an update on the progress made in the development and testing of the CAMS solution, and
  2. Members share the benefits this new solution will bring to:
    • the People We Assist,
    • the members, volunteers and employees that do conference work, and
    • the Society itself
  3. Our learning team provide an update on the support and education that will be available as part of the roll out.
For the latest training manual, please email cams.support@vinnies.org.au

(new updates coming)

For any support with CAMS, reach out to us with the email below


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