We are pleased to share Conference Visitation Toolkit electronically which was distributed to all Conferences in 2015-16. There are 7 sections plus the Table of Contents. The Energy section has been updated in December 2017 and the Resources section has been updated in 2019.

Table of Contents
A. Preparing to visit
B. Keeping Records
C. Energy (updated December 2017)
D. Phone and Water
E. Mental Health and Trauma
F. Housing
G. Resources and Follow up

You can download 5 of the 7 sections (Sections C – G) of the Toolkit by clicking on the section name above. Sections A and B are available by emailing kate.scholl@vinnies.org.au If you have any questions about the Toolkit, please contact Kate Scholl.

If you would like a Toolkit Conversations session organised for your Region please contact Kate Scholl or Janice Jones Janice.jones@vinnies.org.au

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