What is Society Link?
Society Link is service to support the work of our members and volunteers. Over the phone and via email, Society Link Referral Officers help members by providing information, collaborating on challenging requests for support and making referrals to the Society’s various support options. When a Society member or volunteer identifies someone in their community needing additional support, they can speak to someone at Society Link. They can be reassured that the individual will be linked with appropriate services that suit their specific needs and ensure there will be follow-up support offered.

How can Society Link help Members & Volunteers?
The work that our members and volunteers undertake in local communities is invaluable. Society Link complements this work and assists local members and volunteers by:
• Providing support and information for unusual requests for support
• Assisting members and volunteers with child safety concerns
• Providing support for people and families frequently returning for conference support
• Assist individuals and families to access available and appropriate housing in their local community
• Help alleviate the issues surrounding financial stress associated with the increases in cost of living

How can I make a referral to Society Link?
Society Link is accessed by a free call to:
1800 4 SUPPORT
(1800 478 776)
You can also send Society Link an email:

Further information:
For more information contact Society Link directly or use the links below.
Society Link Brochure
What is Society Link? – FAQ
When Should I Call Society Link? – FAQ
What is 1800 4 SUPPORT? – FAQ

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