Visitation refers to any situation where we are assisting someone in need, whether that be in their home or in a Society venue or other location. The Vincentian Visitation Guidelines provide a common framework for offering assistance and highlight that how we assist, not where, is a unifying factor in our service. These guidelines encourage good practice in how we respond to the needs of both the people we assist and our members. Page four offers more detail on the purpose of the Vincentian Visitation Guidelines.

Hard copies of these are available through the Resource Centre at Stanmore. Please ensure all members in your Conference have a copy and we encourage members to regularly refer to and discuss sections of the Guidelines.

Click here to download the Vincentian Visitation Guidelines 2017 edition PDF

This resource has recently been updated. The changes are not substantial so members DO NOT need to replace their 2013 version. However if members do not have a copy of the Guidelines, please place an order with the Resource Centre or seek assistance from your Regional or Central Council office to get additional copies. If members are comfortable with an electronic version, using the PDF copy is fine.

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