CONGRESS 2023+ UPDATE – 9 August 2023


A total of 185 registrations have been received in response to 217 invitations being issued.
• If your jurisdiction has not yet completed its quota of registrations, please prioritise and complete these as soon as possible.
• If there are any further questions about any aspect of registration, please contact Donna Scheerlinck via the Congress 2023+ email address:
• The Project Team has booked flights on behalf of SA, WA, NT and arranged transport for Canberra-Goulburn delegates. Other jurisdictions are strongly encouraged to book flights for their delegates as soon as possible to access cheaper fares.
Where possible, we require all flight details by 18 August 2023. Jurisdictions should send one invoice covering all flight and any related costs, with supporting documentation, to for reimbursement.


The first Congress 2023+ workbook has been forwarded to each jurisdiction for internal circulation to your members.
The workbook has been designed to engage our members and to prepare them for the Sydney meeting. The National Council Project team encourage States and Territories to distribute the workbook because it outlines key milestones for members which will require support from State/Territory leaders and employees working in the membership space.
The Project Team also strongly encourages you to circulate these important messages to all Society members and not restrict this to those members who will attend Congress 2023+.
We highlight the following important communication pieces for distribution:
Congress 2023+ Prayer – please promote the Congress 2023+ Prayer at the Conference level during the lead up to our Congress
Congress 2023+ themes – jurisdictions should be actively promoting opportunities for Society members and Congress 2023+ delegates to explore the themes that will underpin conversations in Sydney. The themes are designed to:
(i) reflect on core matters to be explored during the Congress, and
(ii) facilitate the expression of new ideas about how the Society can respond to the challenges it faces today and in the future.

Congress 2023+ is being designed as an interactive initiative. Society representative’s ideas and feedback are welcomed and encouraged. We will capture and share these ideas in the second Congress 2023+ workbook which is to be communicated to Congress delegates and to members via the Congress 2023+ website.

There are some great pre-Congress workshops and sessions starting to be fed back into the Congress project team. The energy and focus this listening and discernment process is offering members is something we hope that will continue to sew benefits well beyond the Congress weekend.|


Please continue to promote over the next two weeks the forthcoming Congress 2023+ listening forums – refer pages 25 and 27 of the workbook. These listening forums have been designed to ensure all Society members, not just the attending delegates, are given a chance to participate in the pre-Congress journey.
The Congress 2023+ listening forums should be regarded as mandatory for all Congress 2023+ attending delegates to ensure when we come together in Sydney, all delegates are ready to engage and make decisions.


These can be shared using three methods.
1. Providing feedback to a series of questions online
 visit
 scan this code using a QR reader, or

2. Providing feedback at a Listening Forum
Register online:
 80 minute session via Zoom
 Tuesday 29 August at 10am AEST
 Saturday 2 September at 3pm AEST
 Wednesday 6 September at 12pm AEST
 Thursday 7 September at 7pm AEST

3. Email to, using ‘Feedback for Congress’ in the subject line.


The program for Congress 2023+ is nearly finalised. It will be published on the Congress 2023+ webpage. We encourage you to bookmark this site and to check back regularly for more information:


We have added all Congress 2023+ resources to the Congress webpage to allow all Society members access.

Any sensitive documents will be password protected therefore, in your upcoming Membership Communications, we ask you to inform your members that the password to access any documents not available to the public is Revitalise2023.

Resources will continue to be shared on the Congress 2023+ webpage.
Please encourage all Society representatives to monitor and engage with new information that will be shared on the Congress 2023+ webpage, as we will continue to provide the most up to date information there.


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