EAPA use soars with new digital system

The EAPA scheme is backed by $17 million in NSW Government funding and provides critical support to around 55,000 energy customers in NSW facing a financial crisis each year, with more than half coming from regional and rural areas.

As an update to the previous New EAPA Scheme System Coming Soon story, the system went live without a hitch on 1 July 2017.

We are the largest provider of EAPAs in NSW, because it allows us to assist our clients more efficiently – and, most importantly for those in desperate need, faster. The new system means that once a payment is entered in the system is sent directly to the customer’s supplier who can process the payment and the credit their account within a couple of days.

Our Conference members, volunteers and employees who assist people with their energy bills have really embraced the new digital EAPA system to the tune of over two million dollars since 1 July!

Our members have had very positive things to say about the new system:-

“It’s very good, simple, takes less time than the vouchers and you have a result straight way.” – Neil from Gilgandra

“It’s working very well, I give it a big thumbs up.” – Dan from Dubbo

“Customer friendly, user friendly, time saving. The implementation of digital vouchers has worked well making a much more efficient and workable model of service.” – Gail Gaudron, Orara Regional President.

As part of the Society’s EAPA delivery we have developed a set of EAPA FAQs to help answer questions for new users or those that need to check something quickly.

Our EAPA Champions in each Central Council are also available to assist with any issues. If they are unable to assist you they should contact Simon Wheble at the State Support Office to escalate any issues they are unable to answer.

A huge thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Marte Tagle, Manager of New Initiatives and Policy team at marte.tagle@vinnies.org.au or Simon Wheble at simon.wheble@vinnies.org.au if you have any questions on any aspects of EAPA.

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