Facilitating Faith in Action Part A

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An invitation to join in a new online course – Facilitating Faith in Action Part A

  • Would you like to deepen your understanding of how our service is inspired by our spirituality?
  • Would you enjoy sharing in a learning opportunity with members from other parts of the state?
  • Is there a desire in you to encourage more conversations among members about how we put our faith into action?

We invite you to learn, explore, reflect upon how to support Conferences to be ‘genuine communities of faith and love, of prayer and action’ (The Rule, 3.3 page 20).

Part A begins in July with most participants finishing in 4 weeks. Online conversations will be held during the week of July 12th and July 26th.

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Facilitating Faith in Action Part A is a 4-week course exploring faith in action using the Spiritual Adviser Handbook as a guide. Participants will grow in understanding and appreciation of the spirituality of the St Vincent de Paul Society and reflect on what it means for them personally to be part of it. It is open to all members and employees and volunteers who are interested.

The State Spirituality Committee launched this initiative to enable participants to be more deeply grounded in the Society’s spirituality. The committee also seeks to broaden the understanding of the role of the Spiritual Adviser from the singular role of leading the meeting’s spiritual reflection to a person who is a resource to the Conference or Council in all aspects of the meeting, service and interactions.

The course will be delivered using a ‘Blended Learning’ approach that allows you to work at your own pace within a 4-week timeframe.

Working at your own pace, you’ll complete reading and writing reflections in the Workbook. In addition, you will participate in online written discussion forums and a fortnightly 60 – 90 minute live online conversation with other group members

  1. Facilitating Faith in Action is available by invitation in order to create a learning community for those participating. It is not found if searching the Vinnies Learning Centre but those who indicate interest will be registered and able to view the course.

Part A begins in July with most participants finishing in 4 weeks. Online conversations will be held during the week of July 12th and July 26th.

What to do to participate:

  1. Email the course facilitator, Kate.scholl@vinnies.org.au NO LATER THAN 1 July  to indicate your interest in joining the group. Please include where you are located, your role (e.g. Conference spiritual adviser, President, secretary, etc…) and your phone number. Numbers are limited so please register soon.
  2. Check if you have the Spiritual Adviser Handbook and Workbook and Appendix. They can be posted to you if needed or you can download them from MAVS website: https://mavs.vinnies.org.au/conferences/spirituality/spiritual-adviser-handbook/

Then what happens?

  1. Details of how to log into the Vinnies Learning Centre (VLC) will be provided and support is available to get connected if required.
  2. Shortly before we start, you will receive a link to join the course and more details.
  3. Once we start you can move through the course modules at your own pace with the aim of finishing Part A within 4 weeks.

Read more details in the FAQ’s – Click here 

Click here to Download the flyer

For more information contact:

Kate Scholl

Mission and Spirituality Learning Development volunteer


0425 211 065

Participants who have completed Facilitating Faith in Action online are available to answer questions or discuss their experience with you. Contact Kate to initiate this.

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