Update 18 July 2022

The Society is currently providing flood related assistance through our regular Conference process.

For all general enquiries related to flood support, please contact our Disaster Response Team.


Update 25 March 2022

I am immensely proud of the work of the Society in assisting people impacted by the floods in the Northern Rivers.

Our immediate cash grants payments have made an enormous difference to people who have lost so much. We scaled up quickly, providing this support to the community just one week post the crisis. Conference Members across the Lismore Central Council led this charge, supporting people and assessing their needs every day in seven recovery centres across the region.

The cash grants program saw us provide over $3.2 million to 6,400 people in need in just two weeks. This has been important and powerful work.

Lismore Central Council President Gail Gaudron and Regional Director – Flood Response Clare Van Doorn, members across the Lismore Central Council, Joy Kyriacou and all of the staff supporting this work, deserve our sincere thanks for making this remarkable outcome a reality.

While grateful to everyone who helped, Clare also wants to make special note of the contribution made by the people at the Goonellabah centre for their help in making the flood response a reality.

The Vinnies NSW Flood Appeal has thus far raised $2.5 million. The Society also contributed funds from our own reserves to ensure we could help as many people as possible.

This week, we have finalised our immediate cash grants response, and we are now moving to a longer-term footing providing food, water, clothing, care, and everyday essentials to the community.

The change in how assistance is being offered means we will be well-placed to continue to help in the long-term.

From next week, Conferences across the Lismore Central Council will be learning the new Conference Assistance Management System (CAMS), so that we can continue to track and understand in real time our support and recovery efforts.

Thanks to the great work of the Corporate Partnerships team, we have plenty of physical assistance to provide, with more on the way. We have sleeping bags, tents, generators, clothes, and petrol vouchers to distribute, donated by generous corporate partners including Amazon, Ezy Charge, Work Wear, and BP. Other gear, including nitrile gloves, shovels, mops, buckets, and first aid kits has already been sent up from Bunnings.

The Vinnies Night Patrol Van from Liverpool is traversing the Northern Rivers from Casino to Coraki to Evans Head and more, delivering food.

Several of the people we have been helping have spoken to us about their experience.

You can read their stories here:

  • Long-time Lismore resident Stacey tells us how she has never seen a flood like this. Read her story.
  • Renata’s home was heavily damaged by the floods and she, like her neighbours, had to throw out most of her belongings. Read her story.
  • Lee tells us about how he now needs to start over after losing almost everything he owns. Read his story.
  • And Suzanne Nichols, President of St Carthage’s Conference in Lismore, gives her perspective on providing help.

Please find attached a poster you can print out for use in promoting our assistance efforts and helping those in need to link to Conference support.

Please note our Floods Call Team is taking calls from time to time from people affected by flooding outside Northern NSW. In these cases, that team will email conferences directly so that you can provide conference assistance to those affected. Please be on the lookout for any such emails.

As mentioned in previous weeks, we are taking a proactive approach to our people’s well-being when it comes to the flood response.

For members and employees who are still in the Northern Rivers or who have recently returned, please expect, if you haven’t already, to hear from the Employee Assistance Program.

Again, we should all be proud of the tremendous efforts of our people and the difference we are making.

Resources and help
If you need resources on the ground, please contact our Regional Director – Flood Response, Clare Van Doorn. If you have general questions, please contact our Disaster Response Team.




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