Registrations Open: Hope out of Horror – Seeking Refuge in Australia

For the past twenty years refugees and those seeking asylum in our country have been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment by successive Federal Governments.

Despite Covid, in this year designated as The Year of St. Joseph the Refugee who was forced with his small family to flee the cruelty of Herod The Sisters of Saint Joseph launched 150 Days of Action for people seeking refuge in our land.

This period of activism will culminate on Migrant and Refugee Sunday, (Sept. 26th) and as a penultimate event of this campaign, SJAB (Social Justice Around the Bay), St. Vincent de Paul, Northern Sydney/ Central Coast Regional Social Justice Committee and

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia (JRS)  is holding a Webinar titled:

Hope Out of Horror – Seeking Refuge in Australia 

Thursday, September 23, 7pm – 8pm

This event assumes a new and greater urgency In the face of the Horror currently being faced by the people of Afghanistan and by those Afghans marooned here on temporary visas.

While our Government’s initial response to the resurgence of the Taliban gives some hope it is long term compassion and change of policy that must follow.

This webinar will  offer stories of courage and resilience from those who have suffered under a succession of repressive Government policies; it will present facts and statistics on what this country has lost through dehumanisation of fellow beings and it will draw back the curtains to expose how  and where families and individuals are trapped in hotel detention and sub-standard living conditions.

As Christian Australians we believe enough is enough and we invite yourself and members of your organisation and networks to join our cry to Canberra to:

  1. Offer Permanent Protection to all Refugees
  2. Enable access to Family Reunions for Refugees
  3. Offer a Safety Net, including Medical and Financial Assistance to those in need of refuge


Please register your attendance and pass on the following link to your members


Organisers :  Phil Jones • Bill Aitken  •  Leo Ward • Carmel Aitken • Zoe Grant • Adrian Gomez • Colin McKenna

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