Vinnies NSW advocates for affordable housing targets

The Society in NSW has been very active promoting social justice, particularly around housing affordability.

We engage with governments and the private sector, advocating for:

• The construction of at least 25,000 new social housing units (run by government or community housing associations) in 10 years in NSW.
• Changes to state planning rules to require that at least 15 per cent of new residential developments be set aside for affordable housing.

In NSW the lack of affordable housing has reached crisis proportions. Our frontline staff, members and volunteers are witnessing firsthand the profound impacts that the lack of adequate affordable housing across NSW is having on people’s lives.

The shortage is making it impossible for many Australians – childcare workers, nurses, teachers, baristas – to find homes close to where they work. Workers have longer and more expensive commutes, travelling from as far as Lithgow to their jobs in Sydney.

There is a growing consensus among experts and community organisations that changes to the planning system and affordable housing targets are necessary to deliver housing for all.

Affordable Housing Forum
Held in June 2016 at Parliament House, it provided a platform for the major parties to lay out their positions on a target and join in the conversation about finding solutions.

See here for more information about the Affordable Housing Forum

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