Introducing the Annual Review and Plan for Regional Councils

This new resource enables Regional Council members to reflect on how they are working as a Regional Council and consider how they might be more effective. The review and planning focusses on these 5 areas:

A. Living our Mission
B. Relationships
C. Learning and Development (including Spirituality and Resources)
D. Member Growth and Expansion
E. Regional Council Meetings

The document has ready to use templates, examples, a spiritual reflection and details about facilitating the meeting.

The documents for the Annual Review and Plan for Regional Councils are available here.

If you have any questions about the Resource, its distribution, or facilitating a Review and Planning session, please contact Kate Scholl at the State Support Office.

Kate Scholl, Development and Events Officer
Policy & Member and Volunteer Services Team
(02) 9568 0209

The 2017 Annual Review and Plan for Conferences is available here.

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