Leadership Conversations Happening across the State

Regional Council Presidents, Central Council Presidents and other leaders have been participating in our new program, Unlocking Leadership Potential that began in May 2016.

The program consists of 3 face to face “Conversations” exploring the Leadership Resource Kit which has been custom designed for our Presidents. The sessions provide the opportunity for Regional Council Presidents to draw on their experience and engage in a practical and meaningful dialogue with one another and the Central Council President about relevant issues for leaders. Janice Jones and Kate Scholl of the Training and Development team are travelling to every Central Council to facilitate these sessions.

“The whole day was fun, interesting, relevant and really useful. Really looking forward to the next workshop!!”

“The day was well organised and presented excellently! Thank you for compiling this resource and delivering it in such a practical way. I look forward to the next few sessions.”

“The relaxed atmosphere enabled everyone to engage.”

“I appreciated ideas about better ways of doing many things. The positive way the information was shared was affirming in so many ways.”

“I learned many new things – especially practical things about relating to others. I also became even more aware of the need to continue to grow, change where appropriate.”
Comments from participants

Download the Resource Kit here.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Janice Jones or Kate Scholl.
Janice.Jones@vinnies.org.au or 9568 0257
Kate.scholl@vinnies.org.au or 9568 0209

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