Conference Life Workshops

Leading Conference Life is  an interactive workshop for Conference Presidents and Conference members to explore various aspects of Conference life. Kate Scholl is offering this workshop in April at the State Support Office in Lewisham. All are welcome.

  • Saturday 6 April 2019 in Lewisham (RSVP by 31 March)

Time is from 9 am – 3 pm.

The session is a ‘Conversation’ working through the Conference Presidents Resource Kit which been designed with the particular needs of Conference Presidents.

“This is the next step in our Unlocking Leadership Potential program. The sessions are similar in style to the ‘Conversation’ sessions that Janice Jones and I led in 2016 with Regional Council Presidents but the content is completely different. Each participant receives a Resource Kit that has been designed with the particular needs of Conference Presidents.”, says Kate.

Kate Scholl is also available to lead a session or sessions in a Central or Regional Council (or combined Regions).

She explains, “We can offer a series of workshops in your Central Council or just one (noting the participant numbers below). The target group for this workshop is Conference Presidents, but we encourage all members to attend. The hope is that Regional Council presidents will also participate, as a major part of their role is supporting Conferences.”

Making this happen in your area

A variety of time frames are possible:
• A single 6 hour session (including breaks), during the week or a weekend day.
• 2- 3 shorter sessions held over a time span that will suit your presidents, to total 5 hours of contact time.
• Ideally a minimum of 8 and maximum of 30 participants for a session.

Contact Kate to set up a time to come to your Central Council or with any other queries you may have, on 0425 211 065 or email:

Testimonials from workshop participants:

• I appreciated the networking with other Presidents, the information kit and the flow of ideas.
• I especially liked exchanging ideas and discussing the various ways our Conferences operate. The Resource Kit is very helpful.
• It was a really worthwhile day. The information and discussions were excellent.
• It provided a good opportunity to better understand the role of the Conference president and members.
• Great presentation—very clear and covered so many topics well.
• Very capable facilitation and a top class resource with appendices to take away

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