Leading the way at the Nagle Community Centre: Meet Chelsea and Mark

Chelsea Ward and Mark McNeil recently started as volunteers at Vinnies Nagle Community Centre in Albury.  As residents of Vinnies Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) program, Chelsea and Mark have dived straight into their new roles, demonstrating great leadership and initiative by getting involved in activities across the Centre.

On Tuesday nights, in conjunction with Carevan (a local organisation assisting our vulnerable community members with access to nutritious healthy meals), Chelsea and Mark have been serving hot meals to residents and members of the community. On Wednesday afternoons, they assist in providing a safe, inclusive environment for residents to come together and socialise over afternoon tea and activities by helping out with community engagement activities. In addition to this, on the last Wednesday of each month, Chelsea and Mark provide a monthly BBQ for the residents.

Furthermore, Mark is currently creating a community garden for the residents to enjoy, and to provide a memorial space for residents who have since passed away. Chelsea is learning to develop the quarterly tenant newsletter which will eventually become her primary responsibility.

Mark and Chelsea received their name tags this month and both are very excited to now feel part of the Vinnies team! Thank you, Chelsea and Mark, for your fantastic contribution.

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