Recent Updates to MAVS:

The Member and Volunteer Site frequently has information updates.

Items posted under ‘Latest News’ are available on the home page and within relevant sub-pages.

Updates completed in the past fortnight that are NOT “Latest News”, are listed below: 

  • 06/07 Page Added: Policies
  • 01/07  Post : Prue Car addresses NSW Parliament, referring to Vinnies : Conference and Central Council pages
  • 01/07  The Conversation Conference : Broken Bay Central Council page
  • 01/07  Stitch Community update : Volunteer page
  • 25/06  Post: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday : Home; Social Justice; Conference; Central Council pages
  • 19/06  Addition of newsletters to Wagga Wagga Central Council page
  • 15/06  Addition to COVID-response page : “Conference Opening Protocols and Toolkit”
  • 30/05  Addition of Community Prayers page : Under Spirituality menu.
  • 30/05  Updates to Parramatta Central Council page : Under Conferences menu.
  • 25/05  Updates to the EAPA FAQ’s on the EAPA page.
  • 20/05  Add EWON Free Online Information Sessions : Update on Resources page
  • 19/05  Updates to Schools and Youth page
  • 15/05  Updates to Spiritual Reflections page : Under Spirituality menu.
  • 15/05  Updates to Spirituality page.


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