Meet our staff: Maggie Lipu, Vinnies Service Medallion Project Coordinator

What is your role at Vinnies?

I am the Vinnies Service Medallion (VSM) Project Coordinator

How long have you been with Vinnies?

This will be my third year working at Vinnies 😊

What are your key responsibilities within your role?

My key responsibilities are developing the Vinnies Service Medallion (VSM) program and engaging secondary schools for our pilot this year.

The Vinnies Service Medallion program is an initiative developed by Vinnies catering for secondary students. The program enhances student’s knowledge regarding the causes of poverty and provides practical opportunities through volunteering that align to meet the needs of their community.

How do you work with volunteers within your role?

The emphasis of the VSM is to encourage young people to volunteer and nurture proactive responses to social justice issues.  Within my role, I will support students to engage in volunteering opportunities that align with the needs of their community.

How can volunteers get involved with volunteering with the Vinnies Service Medallion Program? 

Following the pilot there will be opportunities for volunteers to get involved. In the meantime, if you work or study in the secondary school space you can assist by promoting the VSM with your networks! For any further information, please contact us at

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