New Disability Awareness learning opportunity

Dear Central Council Presidents 

I am pleased to let you know of a new eLearning Disability Awareness course which has been designed specifically for Vinnies, to help improve the inclusion of people we assist and colleagues living with disability. A major feature of our mission is our commitment to inclusion in everything we do. Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), outlines our commitment to ensure people with disability are respected, included and able to participate fully in all our programs.  This short 30-minute eLearning course will help overcome any uncertainty or lack of knowledge by: 

  • developing a greater understanding of the experience of those who live with disability  
  • learning how to be more inclusive in your behaviour and interactions 
  • highlighting the many practical ways you can support people with disability. 

This course is a practical way to build your knowledge so you can confidently work with and assist people with disability. I urge you to login to the Vinnies Learning Centre and complete the course and you can also share it with volunteers. 

Link to course for members: 

Link to course for volunteers: 

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