New NSW State Council President Paul Burton

I am honoured to have been elected as the new State Council President and look forward to serving with humility, respect, and a true sense of Vincentian spirit.

I have been a member of the Society for over 35 years. I am currently the President of the St Patrick’s West Tamworth Conference and have held leadership roles as Centres President, Regional President, and President of Armidale Diocesan Central Council.

In my professional career, I specialised in road, rail, sea, and air logistics, providing transport, warehousing and distribution services to the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.

I look forward to help guide the work that has already begun regarding the Society’s governance which will engender a more objective and professional understanding of our structure. I believe that effective governance can only be achieved and maintained by an uncompromising commitment to the right balance between the spiritual and corporate excellence of the culture of our faith-based organisation.

My other key areas of focus will be ensuring an effective recruitment strategy for membership; more decisive involvement by our Spirituality Committee in the work of the Society; the application of increased momentum with our Reconciliation Action Plan and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives; and a review of the structure and composition of the Board.

It is also very important to me that we be especially conscious of the diligence and consistent commitment displayed every day by our members, volunteers, and staff as they perform their individual roles in assisting those we seek to serve. A culture of gratitude and appreciation should be constantly evident as part of our Vincentian culture.

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