Take our new online privacy training to help you avoid breaches

The Society and its members need to ensure we are abiding by privacy laws that keep Society data and client information safe. A new training module will help us to do just that.

It’s no secret that scams are on the increase these days. Annoying phone calls, emails and identity theft are, unfortunately, becoming more frequent.

Last year, Oxfam fell victim to a scam in which criminals gained access to people’s personal and financial data.

So, what is Vinnies doing to protect the Society and the people we assist from falling victim to such scammers?

At Vinnies we take the privacy of the Society and the people we assist seriously. And we are legally obligated to ensure we have technology, policies and procedures in place that ensure everybody’s details are safe.

Last November, we launched a new training module for members called ‘Vinnies Privacy and Confidentiality – Members’. Sessions have been designed specifically with members in mind and include privacy scenarios many members deal with as part of their regular activities.

The training can be completed online, or in a face-to-face workshop run by a learning facilitator in your Central Council.

If you wish to complete the course online, you can log onto the Vinnies Learning Centre and find the course on your dashboard (Vinnies Privacy and Confidentiality – Members).

If you wish to complete the training as part of a face-to-face workshop, your Conference President or Member and Community Engagement Coordinator can let you know when the next workshop is running.

Vinnies is a trusted organisation and the people we assist trust us with their most personal details. The new training will help us to keep those details safe.

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