New Recruitment Roadmap – helps Conferences give a ‘hand up’

The new Recruitment Roadmap resource is helping Conference Financial Wellbeing (CFW) pilot Conferences to recruit new members and is thereby increasing their capacity to spend more quality time with clients – which is key benefit of the CFW approach.

Cecily Foley, President of the St Augustine’s Conference in Coffs Harbour, writes about their recent recruitment initiative:

“St Augustine’s Conference is piloting Conference Financial Wellbeing, a new service model for assisting those in need in our community. We were chosen because our Conference is seen as leading the way in how we currently help people who are doing it tough, and how we tide them over the difficulty they are having in their lives. The goal of this new service model is to give people a hand up rather than a hand out. We are moving from a transactional interview where we simply provide immediate assistance, e.g. a food voucher or help with electricity costs, to a transformational style of assistance. The transformational approach is where we work with people to help them get their lives back on track. In order to move to this model, we needed new members to join our Conference so we can spend more time with people we assist.”


Cecily very successfully adapted the principals of The Recruitment Road Map, a new resource produced by the Engagement and Support team providing a comprehensive guide to recruiting members. She delivered a powerful and engaging pulpit appeal at all the St Augustine’s Parish masses. She quickly followed up the enquiries and responses received.

Conference members also used the networking skills they learned in the Recruitment Road Map to “tap people on the shoulder” and “invite them along for cup of tea and a chat about the work that Vinnies Conferences do”. The results have been outstanding with seven people either joining the Conference or the homework club for refugee and migrant children.

Pictured are Cecily and two new Conference members, Leon and Colleen, who have participated in the CFW training.

The Road Map in now available here

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