NSW Social Housing Wait List Could be Cut by Three Quarters

New research shows the social housing wait list could be drastically cut in NSW with increased commitment from the State Government.

The NSW social housing waiting list would be cut by three quarters if the Government were to build 5,000 new social housing dwellings per annum over the next decade according to a new report.

The research, commissioned by the Society and conducted by the University of NSW’s Centre for Social Impact, also shows that this investment would house 1,619 people experiencing homelessness each year.

Rising house prices and low vacancy rates have seen safe, secure and affordable housing become increasingly out of reach for a growing number of people. Both in Sydney and in regional areas across the State, it has become virtually impossible to find a rented home that an individual or family on a low income can afford.

The situation will continue to worsen unless the Government intervenes. Investment in social housing, which provides a vital safety net for people doing it tough, is a crucial part of the solution.

As Paul Burton, NSW State Council President, said, “Our members help people experiencing disadvantage including poverty and homelessness every day. We try and get people back on their feet… But if we can’t find homes for people, we, as a community, are sentencing them to subsistence living indefinitely.”

The Society will therefore continue to urge both the NSW and Federal Governments to prioritise investment in social housing.

At our 2022 Social Justice Forum, and in the lead up to the NSW election in March 2023, we launched a letter-writing campaign, inviting members, volunteers, and supporters of the Society to share personal perspectives and stories on why social housing matters. For more information about how to get involved, click here.

You can also sign up to the Build Homes, Build Hope campaign here.

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