Online Formation Opportunity 6 Nov 2020

On the 6th of November 2020, the Mission Team initiated an online formation opportunity, to the Spirituality Committee to deeply reflect on their own and group understanding of “Spirituality”.

Each member was invited to take personal time and to write their own “statement of spirituality” and return to the group to share their discovery. There was input via clips from visionaries such as Fr Gregory Boyle, of Homeboys industries and our own Gemma Sisia of St Jude’s, words from Pope Francis and of course Frederic Ozanam. Challenge came next as we reflected on “ways of thinking” with Bill Zander’s “The Art of Possibilities”, “downward spiral thinking” or “radiating possibilities”. Leaving the most important task till last, what is your most important dream for your Council and how can it become a reality? We concluded with a time of silence then shared prayer. The day offered encouragement , renewed purpose in our work for justice, freedom, peace, to be voices for the vulnerable and in poverty, the echoes of Frederic’s life and legacy.

The Mission team has recorded an entirely recreated online version of this day for small groups and/or individuals anywhere across the state.

This resource is now available on Workplace and the Mavs site here

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