Overseas Partnership and Development News

The Overseas Partnership and Development Committee (OPDC) has a new Chairperson, Frances Scurfield.
Frances said “It is a great honour to be asked to take up this role and I hope to maintain the high quality of the Committee by continuing and improving our spirituality, financial and practical assistance to our overseas twins.” Frances has been the OPDC representative and Twinning Officer for the Wilcannia Forbes Central Council for the past seven years and noted: “I have received great leadership from the previous OPDC Committee and Chairman and am excited about this opportunity to build on that.”

Frances Scurfield OPDC articleThe OPDC plays a crucial role in promoting our Overseas Development programs and encouraging fellowship with members in other parts of the world. The Rule provides a simple description: ‘Twinning is the direct link between two conferences or councils consisting of sharing prayer, a profound friendship and material resources’.Frances is pictured here with a St Vincent de Paul ‘Assisted Student’ receiving her funding to continue her schooling during her Encounter Thailand visit in 2014.

Twinning Prayer

In the gospels Our Lord says: I have come that they may have life and may have it to the full.
We pray that developing nations achieve a just share of the world’s food and resources.
May they promote the dignity of their people, lost through colonisation and exploitation.
May we work with them in love, respect, hope and joy, shaping a more just and compassionate world.
This we ask in Jesus’ name. AMEN

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