Preparing to Launch Conference Financial Wellbeing

Conferences who are part of the Conference Financial Wellbeing (CFW) initiative have been gearing up at the start of this year to pilot this new approach to assisting people.

Participating members and volunteers have said they are excited to be part of this initiative because they see how it:
• increases their ability to assist people they encounter by identifying and responding to their deeper underlying needs;
• builds on what they already do;
• brings to life our Vision and Mission.

To prepare themselves to launch the CFW pilots in March, Conference members enjoyed participating in interactive training sessions where they enriched each other with their knowledge and experience.

The feedback from participants highlights the positives of the new CFW approach:

“The CFW is about helping people to improve their situation and to help themselves. I will share what I have learned with my Conference–we will look at the materials and fine tune our approaches with the people we assist focusing more on the hand-up and identifying and promoting referrals.”
“This is a great model for all Vincentians to follow. The CFW pilot will help build the Society and build relationships with people and help them to help themselves.”
“I learned lots of things and found everything very helpful–especially the reasons behind why we need to do more intensive listening and assessing of people in need so we can provide the best service to meet their needs and underlying issues.”
“I can use the skills I learned in every context where I assist others. My confidence has improved and I feel I am to assist people in need in a more supportive way.”
“Responding to a person’s needs can be complex, but we have resources, guides and strategies to assist us to help those assist themselves.”
“I have benefitted from doing case studies, brainstorming, exploring resources through the toolkit and discussions. The ongoing attention to the hand up rather than a band aid solution is challenging and so necessary.”

Here is a photo of the Coffs Harbour CFW Training participants

cfw coffs

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