The Leadership Resource Kit has been custom designed for our Presidents. Throughout 2016, an ‘Unlocking Leadership Potential Leadership Conversations’ program has been held in each Central Council using this kit. The 9 downloadable sections of the Resource Kit are here.

Table of Contents Leaders Resource Kit Phases 1,2,3

Section 1 Mentoring and Succession Planning

Section 2 Facilitate Effective Meetings

Section 3 Spirituality combined files

Section 4 Managing Conflict

Section 5 Change

Section 6 Governance

Section 7 Partnerships

Section 8 Delegation

Section 9 Embracing Youth and Diversity

Good news Story about this Resource
About the program this year, Anne Stanfield, Parramatta Central Council President, writes, “The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The challenge is to put the insights into practise. One of the participants was a Conference President who said they’d been to ‘too many long boring meetings’. After the first Conversations session their impressions changed – Vinnies was moving out of the dark ages, had younger members participating and there was plenty of hope for the future. From that positive experience this person nominated and was elected Regional President.

The Conversations sessions involve a bit of preparation prior to the session, some self-assessment, conversations about the topic, sharing views and experiences, and lots of laughter.

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