Say Merry Christmas with a Card Designed by one of our Young Vincentians

It’s the festive season again, which means it’s time to get Christmas cards out to your friends and family.

The Society is proud to present the winning entries from our annual Christmas card design competition. The competition is run every year as part of an annual fundraising event for our Conferences.

Late last year we issued a callout for designs to our school Conferences, inviting some of our creative young members to create Christmas-themed images for the cards. The students could use any design medium including drawing, painting, craft, or digital design, as long as the design looked good when scanned or captured by photo and re-printed. All designs had to be their own original artwork.

We received 161 entries and judging them was a difficult task. The winning designs were chosen based on originality, artistic merit and how well they reflected the traditional meaning of Christmas.

We settled on five winners, one for each of the five St Vincent de Paul Society NSW regions. They were Enya (year 6) from North-East; Leni (year 1) from North-West; Zara (year 3) from West; Olivia (year 8) from South; and Bianca (year 5) from Metropolitan.

Once the winners were chosen and the cards were printed, staff at Ozanam Industries in Stanmore put the cards into packs of ten, and they are being distributed by Jim Kolovos, also from Ozanam Industries.

You can still order your packs of cards by clicking on the link to the order form here. Order now so you don’t miss out.

The competition for next year is in process and we look forward to seeing what our young Vincentians create for us next year.

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