Southern Highlands Welcomes a New Young Adult Conference

Young people in the Southern Highlands are keen to get involved in the good works of the Society and support people doing it tough in their local community.

The Southern Highlands region is proud to announce the establishment of a new Young Adult Conference, which has attracted local high school students aged between 14 and 17.

To welcome the new recruits, Sharlene Gelle, Schools and Youth Engagement Officer and Rebecca Hall, Wollongong Central Council Youth Rep, hosted a ‘pizza night’ in the local park to enthuse the new recruits and drum up support from other young people.

The event was attended by Tony Ward, Southern Highlands Regional President, and Michael McKibbin from the Southern Highlands Homelessness Service, who entertained the crowd with his bongo drumming skills and taught the students some basic rhythms.

‘I’m so excited that the pizza night went ahead as planned’ said Sharlene, who had been deemed a close contact and was unable to attend. ‘We now have a brand-new Young Adult Conference in Wollongong Central Council’.

During their first meeting, the new members discussed some initiatives they would like to be involved in, including organising a School Sleepout, running Buddies Days, and serving on the Southern Highlands Food Van.

One of the students is the Moss Vale High School Captain and has shown great leadership in collaborating with staff to organise events, share ideas, and spread the word about the Conference to other students.

The Conference is holding its meetings at the Moss Vale Shop, and over the next couple of months will be actively engaged in recruiting more young people to participate in their good works. Given the age of the students, their parents are also heavily involved and are embracing the opportunity to support their local community.

Peter Houweling, Wollongong Central Council President attended one of the Conferences first meetings and spoke about his role and the structure of the society.

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