The Asylum Seeker Program (ASP) provides financial assistance, case management and wrap around support to people seeking asylum who are living in the community in New South Wales (NSW). The ASP is a two year program that is funded internally by the St Vincent de Paul Society. Casework is provided through the Inner City and Western Sydney Case Management Teams. Fortnightly payments are administered by the Project Officer and are calculated at 89 % of Newstart Allowance.

The key focus of the program is to support the vulnerable cohort of people seeking asylum referred to as ‘double negatives.’ These individuals and families are experiencing financial hardship, as they are at the end of the status determination process and therefore ineligible for the majority of support services. Clients accessing the ASP have no income, are unable to work, are not supported by the community and are do not receive payments from any other organisations. In many cases, clients are unable to meet their living expenses and are at risk of homelessness. The program supports these individuals and families as they wait for their refugee status to be resolved.

Asylum Seeker Program Information

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