New strategy, new focus on impact

The Society is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan to guide the Society’s future response to current and emerging social challenges.

The current strategy (which ends in June 2023) was designed to align and strengthen the internal capacity of the organisation and it has been very successful. Building on this work, we can now focus on how we can achieve the greatest impact for the people we assist, and what the future will look like for the Society.

To inform the development of the Strategic Plan, we have analysed the external environment to identify areas of emerging and growing need. We have also conducted consultations in all regions, with members, volunteers, staff and the wider community, seeking input to the strategy development and to better understand local needs.

Consultations were designed to ensure that our work continues to be informed by the people we assist and the voices of those who support the Society in its work.

Please access the resources and reports below

Environmental scan

Community needs analysis

Internal scan

Consultation report

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