Sydney Launch of World Youth Day

Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral came alive as young Vincentians celebrated Christ, and the launch of World Youth Day 2023.

At St Mary’s Cathedral in November, Young Adult Conference Members and Volunteers, alongside around 600 parishioners, celebrated the Feast Day of Christ the King and the launch of World Youth Day 2023.

World Youth Day is a gathering of young people from all over the world with the Pope, bringing together millions to celebrate their faith and sense of belonging to the Church. It is also a pilgrimage, a celebration of youth, an expression of the universal Church and an intense moment of evangelization for the youth world. Every two, three or four years, an international gathering is held in a city chosen by the Pope, with the presence of the Holy Father. It is a new stimulus to the faith, hope and charity of the entire host country community and in 2023 it will be hosted by the city of Lisbon.

The Sydney launch was organised by Sydney Catholic Youth, Sydney Catholic Schools and the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, and several Young Adult Conference Members were on hand to help. They ushered parishioners, passed around the collection plates, and directed special guests to the dinner celebrations.

Following the Mass, members heard testimonies from previous World Youth Day gatherings and shared a meal in fellowship with youth from other Dioceses.

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