The Right to Home Campaign: A Call for Affordable Housing

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW’s Right to Home campaign seeks to get the NSW and Commonwealth governments to deliver more affordable housing. Every single community member in NSW should have a home where they can thrive and which they can afford without experiencing housing stress (spending 30 per cent or more of one’s income on rent). We all have the right to a home.

What is wrong with rents and house prices?
The rules that govern the housing market have made it a very lucrative business for investors but many people in the community just can’t buy a property and struggle to keep up with high rents. Many are forced to move far from jobs, family and support. While there is a housing construction boom in NSW, very few of the new units are affordable.

Commonwealth, State and Local governments need to act
The current crisis situation is not insurmountable. All levels of Government can act to make sure that the construction boom delivers affordable housing, not just multi-million dollar investment properties. SVDP has developed a series of comprehensive recommendations for Commonwealth, State and local governments.

Key campaign ask: at least 15 per cent affordable housing
The NSW Government should change planning laws so that at least 15 per cent of new residential developments are set aside for affordable housing. City planners call it “inclusionary zoning”.

Take action!
Our campaign toolkit explains what you can do to advocate for more affordable housing.

A simple but effective thing you can do is sign and circulate our petition, which calls for changes to NSW planning laws so that all new residential developments include at least 15% affordable housing. If we can get 10,000 signatures and deliver all the signatures to Parliament House then the issue will be debated in Parliament. That is why it is essential that all signatures are signed on our official petition form.

Let’s get our voices heard
To add your voice to the petition:
1. Please download and print the petition
2. Add your name
3. Ask your colleagues, clubs, teams, friends and family to add their names as well
4. Once completed, post the petition (must be originals, not copies) to P.O Box 5 PETERSHAM NSW 2049

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