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** NOTE there has been a significant increase in new Hotspot locations and addition information regarding Sydney Bus and Train Routes where it is advised travellers monitor for symptoms more closely if travelled on these routes.

The Society is continuing to coordinate the COVID-19 response and recovery across all business units.

For advice, ask a question or to report a change or relevant information about your business / work place contact Darren Stevenson – COVID-19 Response and Recovery Coordinator

For updates after hours or weekends please visit the NSW COVID-19 website at  or the National Coronavirus Helpline 1800 020 080.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources to assist with managing disruptions, risks, and COVID-19 related incidents are continually being developed and will be centrally available through the COVID-19 Hub & Resources page on the Staff Portal. Keep checking this page as it will be updated regularly.

COVIDSafe Guidance advice

The latest COVIDSafe Guidance advice is on COVID-19 Travel at Work, click the link to have a look.

CSG01 – Respiratory Masks 

CSG02 – COVID Incident Reporting

CSG03 – COVID-19 Travel at Work

CSG04 COVID-19 Procurement



There is a current increased risk for those who have attended gyms particularly in the CBD of Sydney along with identified bus and train routes where the advice is to monitor symptoms and self-isolate if required.

The ever changing level of risk in specific Hotspot Locations and Suburbs mainly in the Greater Sydney and CBD, the Society has a high number of services within these areas and it is extremely important that those working or living in and visiting these areas are taking precautions particularly if you are a person of increased risk.

So, current advice from NSW Health is that if you have any cold or flu like symptoms at all, assume its COVID-19 until proven otherwise – isolate and get tested right away don’t delay.

Aged Care visitors – As a precaution NSW Health is extending existing visitor restrictions by strongly advising people who live or work in the Greater Sydney metropolitan area and Central Coast to refrain from visiting aged care facilities until 12 September.

Travel – is restricted to essential travel only within Hotspot Suburbs and the general need to travel should be reconsidered.

Meetings and Activities – face to face meetings should be avoided and only occur if a remote option is not available or appropriate. Meetings involving large numbers (anything over 10 people) should be avoided if possible, however if they are required and a face to face meeting is to occur ensure a large space that can accommodate the number is used with all COVIDSafe controls in place.

Face masks – are recommended for use indoors where social distancing is hard to maintain. Please also consider wearing face masks if you are using public transport, if you travel to and from work on public transport and your workplace has face masks a good idea is to take an extra one home each day to use the following day when travelling to work.


If you are a COVIDSafe Champion monitor how things are in your workspace and contact your supervisor if you need assistance.


For Health and Wellbeing Support you can access the Health & Wellbeing check in service as part of the Work Health Program.

These appointments are one on one and occur in a supportive and confidential space.  To make an appointment, email us at or call us on 60234644.  Let us know you are from Vinnies and we will take care of the rest.

You can also contact the Employee Assistance Program Ph:1800 818 728 or your WHS Regional Partner.


Public Health Warnings and/or Advice – Issued since last update



To view previous Public Health Alerts click here.


New or changes to rules relevant to the Society Issued since last update

To view current news and media releases click here.

Key messages for the community are: 

  • Avoid non-essential travel and gatherings. Of particular concern is transmission in venues such as hotels and restaurants, the gym and social gatherings.
  • Anyone feeling unwell – even with the mildest of symptoms such as a runny nose or scratchy throat – must seek testing and self-isolate until they get the result. Stay at home, and do not go to work or catch public transport until you are cleared of COVID-19
  • At all times stay 1.5 m from other people. Don’t go anywhere there is crowding.
  • Clean your hands regularly with soap and running water for 20 seconds or use alcohol base hand rub.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Don’t host, or go to, a gathering of more than 20 people at home.
  • Don’t go to the gym unless the equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after customer use by supervising staff or yourself, and there is good spacing between machines and customers.
  • Consider using a mask in situations where you are unable to social distance.


Check the NSW Health website for the latest COVID-19 News and Updates.

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